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Plant spotlight: Aloe Vera & Syngonium Pink Spot

Plant spotlight: Aloe Vera & Syngonium Pink Spot

Welcome to our weekly plant spotlight where you will find new and interesting plant care information. 

Spring is finally here, and it’s almost time to see everything really come alive. While we all patiently wait to start planting outdoors, there’s no better time to brush up on some of our indoor plant knowledge.

This month we’re spotlighting two plants, Aloe Vera and the rare Syngonium “pink spot”.

Aloe vera is native to Africa. It’s a common houseplant, mainly because it’s relatively easy to maintain and it is also sought after due to the gel from it’s  leaves that can make a great salve to soothe common skin problems. Aloe vera is a fast-growing succulent that takes three to four years to reach a mature size of one to two feet tall.

Aloe vera usually grows on a hillside, so when you’re potting yours, be sure it has good drainage by using a cactus potting mix or make your own by adding some perlite or sand. Aloe vera likes to be in a bright space, but not directly in the sun; and it prefers to be watered regularly, letting the soil dry out between waterings. * *Watch your fur babies around your aloe vera, as it will make them really sick if they snack on it.

Aloe vera plants are inexpensive and easy to care for. We have several sizes available at multiple price points in stock right now. Pop into our plant store or find it online.

Aloe TLDR:

Light- Bright indirect

Soil type - Draining cactus mix

Water - Let soil dry between weekly watering

Temperature- 13-27 degrees Celsius

Humidity- NA


Syngonium podophyllum, or “pink spot”, is an arrowhead plant with vibrant pink and cream variegated foliage. It originates from Ecuador, Mexico, Brazil, Bolivia and the West Indies. It’s a fast-growing houseplant, but it doesn’t get overly large so it’s a great addition to your plant collection. *Syngonium “pink spot” is a toxic plant, so keep it up high away from kids and pets.

(image courtesy of reddit- youcrazyplants)

Pink spot” likes lower light areas, but not full shade. Syngonium pink spot needs a rich, well-draining potting soil. They love moist potting soil, but not so wet that root rot will become a problem. Once your potting soil looks or feels mostly dry, it’s time for a drink. If you like you can use a houseplant fertilizer once a month in the warmer parts of the year but skip it during the cold season. Syngonium is also easy to propagate through stem-tip cutting or shoot cutting.


Light- Medium indirect

Soil type - Tropical mix with minimal bark

Water - Let soil dry between weekly watering

Temperature- 15- 29 degrees Celsius

Humidity- 50-70%

If you’d like to add Syngonium “pink spot” to your indoor garden, you can purchase one by popping into our plant store or shopping online by searching our website. 

The varieties of plants in-store are always changing. Please visit our website or visit us in person to see what’s new.

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