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✈️ We Ship EVERY MONDAY ✈️ * Minus Holidays
Switzerland & Hydroponics

Switzerland & Hydroponics

Happy Monday everyone!

There has been a lot going on behind the scenes at the plant store in the last little while and we are thrilled to share some exciting updates with you.

Our first big update is that That’s What She Grows now has a second location. Our new spot is not open to the public and not for shopping. It is a mini-nursery where we are growing our mother plants in a semi-hydroponic environment. This new space allows us the freedom to grow our own rare plant stock for the store without having to rely on the hazards of international shipping and we are pleased with how the operation is shaping up so far. The plants in our nursery are grown in lightweight expanded clay aggregate, known commonly as “Leca”. We choose to grow our plants in Leca because it makes it easier to keep them hydrated, reduces the risk of root rot, significantly reduces the risk of pest infestation, and makes it much easier for us to check in on the plants to see how they are doing since you can easily see the roots.  

**  Click here to purchase  ** Leca

Our next little bit of news is that for a significant period during the month of May I (store owner Nikki) will be out of the country touring Switzerland and visiting family in Europe! This means that from May 10 to May 30 all of the amazing That’s What She Grows volunteers will be holding down the fort, keeping the store running and the plants growing. What can you expect during my absence? The store will only be open intermittently and will not follow its regular hours. We recommend shopping from our online plant store and selecting curbside pickup so that you can be assured the store is open when you arrive to pick up your plant, and if you want, you can always shop around for more when you get there. I will be working on updating all of the plant descriptions & SEO on the website while I am away. A small business owner is never really on vacation!


A monstera albo leaf

Our last update, and it is a big one, is that in June we have 50 Monstera “Albo” coming into the store!  You heard that right! This is one of my favourite plants and I am so happy that we have these beautiful specimens coming in. If you are interested in reserving one of these rare plants please contact the store to make your arrangements.

Learn more about leca in this link below:

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