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6” Blue star fern

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It is a rhizomatous fern, with the creeping rhizome 8–15 mm (rarely 30 mm) in diameter, densely covered in the golden-brown scales that give the species its name. The fronds are large and pinnatifid (deeply lobed), from 30–130 cm long and 10–50 cm broad, with up to 35 pinnae; they vary in color from bright green to glaucous green and have undulate margins. Several round sori run along each side of the pinna midrib, and the minute spores are wind-dispersed. The fronds are evergreen in areas with year-round rainfall, semi-evergreen or briefly deciduous in areas with a marked dry season.

Name: Blue Star Fern ( Polypodium aureum L.)

Type: epiphyte
Family: Polypodiceae
Native Range: tropical and subtropical regions of the Americas.
Zone: 1-13S/W
Height: 14-16”
Sun: Part shade
Water: Medium / High
Maintenance: Low
Leaf: epiphyte
Tolerate: Semi Shade

Toxicity: Non toxic - used as an herbal medicine


Source: Wikipedia