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Alocasia Scalprum

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 Scalprum was first introduced to aroid collectors as “ Alocasia cv Samar lance” in the international aroid society journal.*  

The Scalprum is said to be endemic in the Philippines island of Samar and thus its nickname “Samar Lance”.

The Scalprums beautiful deep green and waxy looking leaves make this plant much sought after. Once mature the leaves are thick and measure approximately 6 to 10 inches by 3/4 to 2 inches wide

Light- Bright indirect / some direct 
Soil type - Aroid 
Water - Let soil dry between weekly watering
Temperature- 19-30 degrees celcius
Humidity- 50-70%


  • Family:Araceae
  • Genus:Alocasia
  • SpeciesA. scalprum

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