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Anthurium Magnificum

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Size: 6”

Anthurium Magnificum Verde is endemic to Columbia and was first discovered in 1865

It is one of the most popular houseplants from its genus due to its admirable foliage. It has juvenile leaves that have burgundy shades in them and prominent white veins.

Anthurium Magnificum Verde is an epiphytic perennial and is considered a commercially rare plant or uncommon plant. 

Family: Araceae
Genus: Anthurium
Species: Magnificum

Soil: well draining aroid mix
Water: Moderate (let dry between waterings)
Light: Bright indirect light

Since it originates from tropical climates, it thrives on the warmth and light the sun brings.

But on the same hand, these plants are partially sheltered by bigger plants and trees. This plant isn’t used to direct sunlight so it damages the Anthurium’s leaves.

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