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Pearls and jade in terracotta

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Pearls and jade pothos!

Pothos is the common name for plants in the epipremnum genus, aureum species. So the proper scientific name is epipremnum aureum.

where did the pearls and jade pothos variety come from? Well, you can thank the University of Florida! Researchers there induced mutations in four different common pothos varieties in order to develop new varieties.

And pearls and jade emerged! Pearls and jade is actually a mutation selection from a group of marble queen pothos plants.

Proper lighting is an important part of pearls and jade pothos care, at least if you’re wanting to encourage optimal variegation. Like most pothos plants, you can keep pearls and jade in a variety of lighting conditions from low light to very bright indirect light.

Very bright indirect light is ideal; it will help encourage higher levels of variegation and better growth. In lower light, the plant will stay alive, but it won’t grow quickly. The variegation might also decrease a bit. I have my pearls and jade under a strip grow light.

- bybrittanygoldwyn