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Philodendron Rojo Congo

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Philodendron “Rojo Congo” is a unique cultivar hybridized in Florida, in keeping with the growing trend amongst home gardeners for tropical aroids suitable for indoor growing. They are very attractive plants adding a touch of luxury, and a dash of the exotic to the indoor space.

Philodendron “Rojo Congo” is a cross between Philodendron ”Imperial Red”and Philodendron Tatei. It is a self-supporting self header so you won’t have to support this plant with stakes or add an ungainly moss pole to creep on. It stands in a lovely rosette formation with its erect oval leaves of burgundy green color.

Note that the plant can be toxic to pets. Given how easy maintenance Philodendron “Rojo Congo” care really is, even newbies can handle this plant with some guidance