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Philodendron Tortum

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This “Not so ferny” guy is the infamous #Philodendrontortum

This aroid species is a pretty new player in the houseplant world, and really the plant world in general. It has taken things by storm, though. It really is a nice species to look at with its thin, spidery leaves. It’s almost reminiscent of a palm in terms of looks, although it’s not related to true palms at all.

This plant could be found in a forest reserve in the municipality of Manaus, in the Brazilian Amazonas region.

Tortums found in the rainforest grew on trees like lianas, which is to expect from the genus Philodendron. In forests like these, the plants would receive limited light and enjoy high humidity levels, so that’s something to keep in mind in the home.

Light- Medium indirect
Soil type - Aroid ( chunky)
Water - Let soil dry between weekly watering
Temperature- 19-25 degrees celcius
Humidity- 50-70%