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Scindapsus Treubii dark

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Scindapsus treubiiDark Form’ is a cultivar of Scindapsus treubii characterized by lance-shaped, glossy, dark green, or nearly black leaves. It is a rare, slow-growing climbing vine that requires low maintenance or care.

Scindapsus is a member of the arum family, Araceae, colloquially known as aroids. This family also has pothos, peace lilies, Monstera, Alocasia, ZZ plants, and philodendrons.

If you are new to this plant, you should know that the genus Scindapsus has mainly climbing vines native to Southeast Asia, New Guinea, few western Pacific islands, and Queensland. You will find it in the rainforest jungles.

The other Scindapsus species are silver pothos or satin pothos (Scindapsus pictus) and the less known Scindapsus officinalis

Light- medium or bright indirect 

Water- weekly letting soil dry in between watering 

Soil - Regular draining tropical mix 

**Toxic to pets if ingested **