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Anthurium Clarinervium

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The sought after ”Anthurium Clarinervium“ is no exception! This rare aroid have velvety heart shaped leaves that progressively grow larger as the plant matures.
One of the many reasons that the anthurium clarinervium is so revered is due to its easy carefree nature! Simply place the plant in bright indirect light and water once a week - letting the soil dry completely between watering, and thats it!
A little fun fact:
Eizi Matuda first documented this species in 1952, during a voyage to south-east Mexico to study its fauna and flora. He placed it in Anthurium, a genus constructed by Wilhelm Heinrish Schott in the 1830s, using the specific epithet of 'clarinevium', which can be translated from modern Latin to mean 'distinctly nerved or veined'.
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