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Uncommon houseplant Monstera thai constellation leaf

Plant Spotlight - Monstera Thai Constellation

(TLDR care guide at bottom of article)

If you have tropical houseplants already, there is a good chance that you already know the Monstera Deliciosa with its large, glossy, split leaves soaking up some rays in a corner of your home. The question is, have you met its creamy counterpart - Thai Constellation? With its stable cream coloured stable variegation, the Thai constellation is very sought after for the rare plant enthusiast.

When it comes to Monstera varieties, there are no shortages to choose from. But what makes this monstera so special is the ease of care in which it needs to thrive in your home and create a beautiful conversation piece for your guests. Monstera leaves can grow up to 12" in size, adorned by holes or "fenestrations" up to 3" on a mature specimen. When it comes to coloration of the leaves, its white markings are a genetic mutation creating a lack of chlorophyl, and vary from medium sections of cream, to softly woven spots resembling the night stars. Perfection.

The Monstera Thai Constellation is native to Panama and southern Mexico, though most of the Thai constellations being produced for 2022 and forward are actually lab created by tissue culture ( A quick means to make many plants via test tube reducing consumer costs). We will get into tissue culture some more on a future blog post.

Is this plant right for you? It meets hipster vibes, and a boho setting beautifully. Is your aesthetic clean, chic, and bright? This plant will add that extra elevation to the room design and atmosphere bringing your home together.

TLDR Care guide:

Rarity: Uncommon
Light - Bright indirect
Soil Type - Aroid chunky
Water - Weekly watering letting the soil dry completely in between.
Temperature - 16c - 30c
Humidity - 50 - 80%
Propagation - Cuttings, seeds, Tissue culture.

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