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Natural pest control

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Natural pest control (predatory insects) 

Reducing and eliminating infestations in your home and garden using natural predators for your target plant pest. 

ladybugs - general predator for aphid, insect eggs, etc.

lacewings - general predator for aphid, mealybugs, etc

praying mantis - general predator

stratiolaelaps scimitus - fungus gnats, thrips, spider mites in the soil

cryptolaemus monteouzieri - mealybug destroyer 

Neoseiulus Fallacis - Targets spider mites on leaves and stems

Fruit fly - Natural food source for reptiles and fish- Melanogaster or hydei available send a message with preference or we default to Melanogaster 

**Cut Off time for ordering insects is 12pm est Thursday for next week delivery 

Email confirmation will be sent when expected pick up is available in store. 

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