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🪴 Celebrate Love and Growth this Valentine’s Day 🪴
🪴 Celebrate Love and Growth this Valentine’s Day 🪴

Pest Control Bundle $$

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Introducing "That's What She Grows" Bundle – Unleash the power of nature in your garden with our predatory mite duo! 🌱

🍃 **Stratiolaepus Scimitus Mites (1 Litre) - $80**
Harness the might of these predatory mites to control soil-dwelling pests, ensuring a healthier root zone for your plants. Say goodbye to unwanted invaders as Stratiolaepus scimitus becomes the guardian of your garden.

🌿 **Cucumeris Mites (Per Bag) - $3**
Embrace the tiny yet mighty Cucumeris mites, a natural solution for tackling destructive pests like thrips and spider mites on your plants. These little warriors work tirelessly to keep your foliage pest-free.

💥 **Bundle Price: $90 (Save $20!)**
Get the best of both worlds with our exclusive bundle – 1 litre of Stratiolaepus scimitus and 10 bags of Cucumeris mites. Together, they form a powerhouse defense, ensuring a thriving garden. Save $20 on this unbeatable combination!

🚚 **Fresh Weekly Deliveries**
Place your order before Thursday, and pick up your bundle the following Wednesday or Thursday. We're committed to providing the freshest predatory mites for your garden, ensuring optimal pest control week after week.

Transform your garden into a pest-free paradise. Order your "That's What She Grows" Bundle now and let nature's defenders do the work for you! 🌿🌐